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There’s lots of noise in the marketing world about social marketing and mobile marketing. We are reaching a point where they are converging and we can not start marketing for both with separate strategies. As customers interact with social sites on mobile devices they are becoming forever intertwined. There is a good article on comScore about accessing social sites on mobile devices that examines this. The stats are compelling.

  • 30% of smartphone users accessed social networks via mobile browsers — up from 22.5% in 2009
  • Total social networking access via mobile browsers on all mobile phones rose to 11.1% — up from 6.5% in 2009. Most of this growth was due to the uptick in smartphone usage
  • eMarketer forecasts the number of mobile subscribers accessing social networks from their device will grow from 243 million in 2009 to over 800 million in 2012

In addition to penetration, users of the mobile social sites are more engaged. “Facebook recently reported that people who access its site via mobile devices are almost 50 percent more active on the site than non-mobile users.” This makes sense – if it is about someone’s social life-what they are doing and sharing their experiences-they don’t do this when they are in front of a computer at home but when they are out socializing.

As marketers we need to embrace this and drive the channels together to create a single road map for the months and years to come.

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